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Iraq - Erbil

100 meter road - 32 Park, opposite to Italian village

Near Mosul road int.





Feb 16

International managed bandwidth services

Managed Bandwidth Services : Smart Infrastructure Solutions

Good business planning involves the ability to balance between the needs of network expansion while at the same time maintaining the optimum cost structure. This has always been a complex part during business expansion stage.


Global Transit understands this situation, thus, we have come out with innovative packages to help organizations to scale and expand their business as they grow within controlled and predictable cost structure.



Service Description:

Global Transit Smart Infrastructure Solutions consists of multiple networking service elements to provide cost effective, yet extensive reach for business and service providers. It provides “One-to-Many” scalable SDH or Ethernet connectivity services that leveraging GT global infrastructure for enabling businesses and service providers to quickly and easily extend their network to regional and global destinations. It can be in a form of the combination of E-LINE services, Global Virtual POP solutions and Bandwidth Aggregation services through multiplexing/demultiplexing of transport transmission.



Non-traditional business model: transport infrastructure as-you-go Service

Flexible and scalable bandwidth subscription, as low as 10Mbps up to 10Gbps

Rapid provisioning over GT pre-laid global and regional infrastructure

24×7 uncompromising service support

Benefits & Proposals:

Capital-free over network infrastructure investment

Reduce risk: don’t have deploy upfront infrastructure to new and unfamiliar business territories

Build the network with better control and predictability

Cost containment i.e. ends of bandwidth oversubscription for network backbone

Single point of contact for transport and POP operations

Simplified and accelerate network expansion process

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