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Iraq - Erbil

100 meter road - 32 Park, opposite to Italian village

Near Mosul road int.





Al Khatim - Items filtered by date: Monday, 16 February 2015

Dec 14

International managed bandwidth services

Managed Bandwidth Services : Smart Infrastructure Solutions

Good business planning involves the ability to balance between the needs of network expansion while at the same time maintaining the optimum cost structure. This has always been a complex part during business expansion stage.

Dec 14

Data center & managed hosting services

It’s simple math. The time your IT staff spends managing the everyday nuances of your IT infrastructure reduces time spent driving projects that matter to revenue. So why not change the equation? CenturyLink’s Managed Hosting services allow you to do just that.

Dec 14

Two-way radio communication

A two-way radio is simply a radio that can both transmit and receive (a transceiver). In broader terms, most of voice wireless communications systems, including cellular system, fall into two-way radio definition. In this web site, two-way radio refers to radio system mainly used for group call communication. This two-way radio system is also known as Professional Mobile Radio (PMR), Land Mobile Radio (LMR), Private Mobile Radio (PMR), Public Access Mobile Radio (PAMR) system.

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